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History is important because it tells us how we got there

Maple Pharmaceutical is a company at its infancy stage of formative years. Its journey began when Maple Pharmaceuticals Inc. Toronto, Canada decided to set-up a highly advanced manufacturing facility in Pakistan. Their main aim was to establish a facility that was designed so as to be at par with the regulatory demands of the developed world. Thus, the decision of creating Maple was taken and it commenced in 1999—a significant year, a year of great beginning when Maple’s first shovel struck the ground.

Maple is a company that has been designed as a well-developed, technically sound and sophisticated production facility. It is planned to take full advantage of Maple’s inherent skills in marketing by building its image as a premium brand. The construction of Maple into a well-designed and modern facility was not easy. However, with the patience and perseverance of Maple’s project team, all obstacles were faced and overcame. High quality machines were installed to accommodate increasing capacity requirements. A Canadian Pharmaceutical consulting company, PharmEng has been associated with Maple to assist in formulating designs, processes and operations.

With the help of an aggressive licensing and acquisition program, we at Maple hope to grow and expand rapidly in branded and specialty pharmaceuticals in the national and international markets.

Maple boast of an illustrious and hi-tech manufacturing facility that can be compared to any international plant, with a capacity and the provisions to manufacture a wide range of products in various dosage forms.

Maple has a complete range of equipment to provide flexibility in the scale of operations and the expertise in specialized technology. Also its team continuously aspires to learn and adopt new technologies and techniques with a swift pace.

Maple has an everlasting capability to enhance and extend its manufacturing facilities. Its staff is constantly trained and apprised according to current guidelines and provided with opportunities to upgrade their existing skill.

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Corporate Goals

To become an esteemed world-class Pharmaceutical company acknowledged for creating innovative medicines that improve people’s lives, therefore our slogan say it all “Better Health World Wide®.” We are striving to become more efficient in our business operation, improve retention of employees by developing and implementing a training program that details new-hire activities for the first 90 days.

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Corporate Organogram

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Maple Pharmaceuticals! Better Health World Wide®

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